Cigarette tubes



Filling cigarette tubes = saving Money!

Cigarette tubes, also called filter tubes, consist of machine-rolled cigarette paper with a filter at the tip. As it were a cigarette without tobacco.
You can fill filter tubes with the tobacco of your choice using specially made filling machines. Any 'cigarette tobacco for filling cigarettes' is suitable for this purpose, especially volume tobacco, which is offered for sale already fluffed up by a special manufacturing process.
Since loose cigarette tobacco is less subject to tobacco tax than ready-made cigarettes, your wallet will be happy if you prefer the self-filled tubes to conventional cigarettes. Depending on your needs and individual taste, you can make your own cigarettes in this simple and inexpensive way. Self-filling is not only worthwhile for smokers who smoke a lot of cigarettes every day.
It is also worth taking a look at our range of cigarette tubes if you need special sizes, lengths or flavours.
Special sizes such as slim tubes, extra tubes or extra-long tubes always cost more in their "ready-made" form from the cigarette machine.
Another bonus: You can use the tobacco of your choice when you fill your own cigarettes!
Saving not just in a financial way but even according to the packaging is perfectly possible with these packs of 1000-tubes: Korona Standard Filter Tubes and Korona Slim Filter Tubes.


Filter tubes in different sizes: Slim-tubes or Extra-tubes

Paperguru offers you a big range of filter tubes in different lengths and diameters.
For those who prefer the slim versions of cigarettes will be well served by the Korona Slim. These Slim-tubes have a diameter of 6,8 mm, in contrast to the standard sized tubes with 8 mm. Of course we also provide the matching Korona Slim filling machine for these tubes.
Mabe you want to try some extra slim tubes: Dark Horse Super Slim Long Filter Tubes with a Diameter of only 6,5 mm.
Many also prefer an extra-long filter for their tubes, the so-called Extra-tubes. Particularly popular from this segment are the Gizeh Special Tip Extra with a filter length of 25 mm.



100 mm tubes - our extra-long tubes!

For a very long time, the ZEN FULL FLAVOUR filter tubes or the ZEN White filter tubes were the best sellers when it came to tubes with a total length of 100 mm.
Much to our (and your!) chagrin, these ZEN tubes are no longer produced and there has been a long dry spell for fans of the super-long tubes. Fortunately, there is now a replacement:
With their 10 centimeters the new tubes from the brand CARTEL are the new front-runners between the cigarette tubes, referring to the length.
Their total length of 100 mm towers above the standard-sized tubes with 16 mm. The filter of the CARTEL tubes have a standard-sized diameter of 8 mm and has a length of 25 mm. Therefore it has a filling space of 75mm. In this way the CARTEL BLUE cigarette tubes (like their predecessor, the ZEN White tubes) provide an extra long smoking pleasure for the economical smoker and aside from that they look quite elegant and stylish due to their completely white cigarette paper.

Of course also available in the classic Corc-design: CARTEL RED - By the way: this is a much cheaper option overall than, for example, Marlboro Red Long ready-made cigarettes.



Tubes with special filters

If you don't only want to save some money but even noxious substances when you are smoking, you should try out our tubes with carbon filters. Or choose tubes with an extra-long filter, just like XTREME XTRA with 24 mm - you can even save up to 20% tobacco with them.
Due to special perforations in the filter GIZEH Airstream score with boosted draught.

Not just a stylish eye-catcher but even a smooth and balanced smoking pleasure because of the carbon particles in the extra-Long filters:

Dark Horse Carbon & Copper XL tubes in Brown and golden or Dark Horse Black XL tubes in black with an elegant bronce ring around the filter.




Biodegradable tubes or tubes in brown, black, white or pink.


Environmental protection is and remains a major issue in all areas of life. It is therefore all the more important that the tube market follows suit and produces biodegradable tubes. Popular with our customers are, for example, OCB Eco Tubes or American Aviator King Size Filter tubes.

It doesn't always have to be the classic cork filter.
You can now also find filter tubes with white, brown, black or even pink cigarette paper at Paperguru.
And let's be honest, a golden band around the cigarette filter is quite something.
But what the Invictus white or Invictus white with 24 mm filter filter can do, the Invictus Brown or the Dark Horse King Size Filtertubes Copper Edition have been doing for a long time.
Black is beautiful? Why not try the Invictus Black or Dark Horse Black in their gloomy and noble look?

Also a great eye-catcher: How About "Pretty in Pink" with the Korona Slim Pink Filter Tubes?

For friends of elegant, clean design, we offer a large selection of white cigarette tubes here.



Tubes with flavour

If you want to enrich the pure tobacco taste occasionally, we can offer you a huge range of flavoured tubes. These tubes usually work with a aroma capsule in the filter, which evolves its flavour by giving the filter a slight pressure.
Classics like Menthol tubes are also available in the intensive version Strong Mint or the slightly sweeter Spearmint. Combined with a fruity flavour try the Berry-Mint or Apple-Mint. If you are more into the fruity taste you could like Cherry or Strawberry. Or maybe Vanilla for a mild smoking experience?
Mix it, Baby!
You want to enjoy the full spectrum of flavours? Try our SUPERMIX by Freshbomb or FRUTTA, 5 flavours combined in one offer. There is definitely something for every taste in it!