Cyclones XTRASLO

Cyclone Blunts XTRASLO - for the extra long joy of smoking!

The Cyclone XTRASLO are the premium versions of the blunts by the brand Cyclones. They have an especially intense flavour, because they are soaked in liquid for a full week. Like the normal Cyclone Blunts they measure 10 cm, have a wooden tip and are double-wrapped in the finest tobacco leaves. But they are very special in the way that they burn much slower and therefore allow an even longer smoking experience.

The Cyclones XTRASLO collection with a wide range of different flavours

The Cyclones XTRASLO are available in many different flavours. Each sort has a very special name, too. You can take Urban Assault (vanilla), Mayhem (cherry) or Wolverine (pineapple) for example -  there will be something for every kind of taste!