Providing high-quality paper products to our customers plays a major role for Papergurus policy!
The brand of Smoking perfectly matches these high standards and we are very proud to provide a huge range of Smoking products in our stock.

History of the brand Smoking Papers

The origins of Smoking trace back to the year of 1752. Back then, the Spanish family Miquel from the little town of Capellades started to produce smoking papers completely handmade. Since then, Smoking has grown from this small family manufactury into an international well-known enterprise.
Products like the ultra-thin Smoking Master Rolls and many more had been proving it over and over: Smoking has kept their amazing quality through the years and is still serious about this subject. Smoking King Size Papers are one of Smokings product heroes.

Fancy motifs on every Smoking pack!

Paperguru offers a large choice of longpapers as well as convenient sets which combine papers and tips. The colorful line of Smoking King Size Papers are made from 3 different materials: rice, flax or hemp. Fans of extraordinary styles love the Kukuxumusu King Size papers with their funny images and great paper quality!
Regular sized papers made from corn are also available.

Back to Nature - with unbleached papers!

Apart from that, Smoking shows a good sence of zeitgeist and holds a line of organic, natural and unbleached products. The new Smoking Brown Rolls, papers and filters guarantee a great natural smoking experience while burning very slow and even. For our Rolling Masters we suggest the ultra-thin SMK Slim King Size and King Size Master papers.A very convenient product which has to be mentioned, is the Smoking Deluxe Papers + Tips King Size Slim. Tips and papers are included in one package which makes this product the perfect little companion wherever you go!
These are only few Smoking items you shouldn`t miss out on. Paperguru has a large product range of the brand Smoking in stock!

Smoking Facebook Site

Smoking Germany now launched a new Facebook profile with product news and more! Stay in touch with Smoking and get their promotional campaigns and competitions immediately.

Thin, thinner, Smoking Thinnest

We proudly present Smokings NEW selection:
The statement So thin - it could fly! isn't exaggerated at all. Papers from the Thinnest-Range by Smoking are even 20% thinner than Smoking Deluxe Papers. For comparison: Smoking Deluxe weighs 13 gram per square meter. Smoking Thinnest weighs only 10 gram per square meter.
Due to the well-proven Smoking-Watermark the papers burn slow and evenly.

We offer Smoking Thinnest products in diverse variations:
Smoking Thinnest Double Window Papers contain 120 ultra-thin papers in a handy double window-booklet. If you prefer your roll-ups a little bit longer, you can choose between Smoking Thinnest King Size Papers or the practical set with 33 matching tips in the Smoking Thinnest King Size Papers+Tips - just grab the booklet and be ready to go!
For individual length Smoking Thinnest Rolls are highly recommendable. You get 4 meters of ultra-thin cigarette paper on a roll, King Size Slim and with the Smoking-Watermark.

Just a soupçon of high-quality paper for a pure and pristine smoky taste - with Smoking Thinnest.
Convince yourself!