Activated Charcoal filters

The different areas of application of activated charcoal filters

Activated charcoal filters have been used as air purifiers or odor filters for a long time. Carbon filters are installed in the extractor hood, for example, to counteract excessive odors in the kitchen. They are also used in air conditioning systems or cat litter boxes and neutralize unpleasant odours.
Activated carbon filters have also proven their worth many times over in reducing pollutants from cigarette smoke.

The properties of activated carbon

Activated carbon is known for its cleaning effect, it filters toxins and is therefore used for cleaning liquids and gases, among other things. In the medical field, many people are probably familiar with charcoal tablets as a remedy for gastrointestinal diseases.
Pipe smokers have been using activated carbon filters for many years, as these filters were originally developed for use in the pipe stem. They are now available in many different sizes, so that they are also suitable for roll-ups.

Why use activated carbon filters?

The consumption of tobacco products is harmful to health in the long term - that is no longer a secret. If you still like to smoke and want to continue with pleasure and a clear conscience, activated carbon filters can be a useful companion:

- Because of the reduced pollution of the respiratory tracts
- Because every puff tastes pleasantly cool and dry

In addition, activated charcoal filters reduce the clogging of the pipe or the discharge of condensed liquid and thus increase the quality of the taste when smoking on many levels.

Activated charcoal filters from different manufacturers

Every consumer of activated charcoal filters will know the manufacturer actiTube (formerly Tune), as they have been selling filters filled with activated charcoal with numerous products for pipe smokers for years. In our range you will also find the handy version as a 40-pack actiTube Tune activated carbon filter, 8 mm diameter or a little larger the 100-Pack actiTube (Tune) Carbonfilters, 8 mm diameter.
But well-known brands such as GIZEH or OCB have now followed suit, both as the Gizeh active charcoal filter 8mm cigarette fine filter and in the solid and narrow version as the Gizeh Active Filter with activated charcoal, SLIM-format 6 mm diameter. Whether as a classic OCB Activ'Tips SLIM Charcoal filters with ceramic caps or in the unbleached version as OCB Virgin Activ'Tips Slim, unbleached Charcoal Filters with Ceramic Caps.
At Paperguru we also offer fine filters for cigarettes, the Dark Horse Slim Filter Tips Carbon, Cigarettefilters with activated Charcoal.

Activated carbon filters in different sizes

Every smoker has his individual style of rolling cigarettes. Some like a narrower diameter, some need a shorter filter - for both variants you will find the right product at
For example, Hazy's Superflow coconut filters shorties, 8 mm diameter are slightly shorter than the standard format at 22mm.
With the 420z activated carbon filter, ocean breeze, 7 mm diameter you already have a slightly narrower diameter. The Hazy's Superflow coconut filters slims, 6 mm diameter are perfect for everyone who prefers the extra-slim roll-up.

Activated charcoal filters for on the go

Many health-conscious smokers like to be on the go and want to transport their smoking utensils in a space-saving and easy way. In our web shop you will find numerous variants in small packaging that can be easily and quickly stowed in your handbag or jacket pocket.
You can choose between Smoking Slim activated carbon filters, 6 mm, 2 ceramic caps, compact travel format or VAUEN Dr. Perl junior Activated Carbonfilters, 9 mm diameter, handy package with 10 filters.
The manufacturer actiTube is also following suit: actiTube Slim Activated Charcoal Filters, compact travel size
Or choose the stylishly designed 420z Extra Slim activated carbon filter, available in different color designs.

Buy activated carbon filters in storage packages

Anyone who has already extensively convinced themselves of the quality and benefits of the activated carbon filter will be happy to stock up so that they always have the right filter ready to hand.
Here at we offer you some products with which you will be supplied for a while. The White Elephant Superflow activated charcoal filter, 9 mm, XXL bulk pack. The BLITZ SYSTEM Activated Charcoal Filters, 9 mm Diameter, 200 per Box or the GIZEH Active Filters 8 mm diameter, carbon filters in a 200-box are reduced to the essentials, a simple cardboard packaging that you can dispose of in the waste paper bin in an environmentally friendly way.
The traditional company VAUEN also has larger sizes to offer: VAUEN Dr. Perl junior Activated Carbonfilters, 9 mm diameter, 180-storage box

Ceramic caps on the activated charcoal filters

For a long time, the activated carbon filter had a plastic cap on one end and a heat-resistant ceramic cap on the other end. When inserting it into the pipe or rolling-up, you always had to make sure that the ceramic cap was pointing to the "warm side" and the plastic cap was pointing to the mouthpiece.
Most manufacturers have already changed this and there are now heat-resistant ceramic caps on both sides of the activated carbon filter. It is no longer necessary to pay attention to the correct direction when rolling-up, because both sides work equally. In addition, a little less plastic waste for the environment.

Activated carbon filters for the classic pipe smoker

Of course, not only cigarette smokers and do-it-yourselfers of all kinds will find what they are looking for in our Paperguru webshop. In particular, the activated carbon filters with a diameter of 8 or 9 mm are perfect for use in a wooden pipe, such as the RAW Natural Pipe from Bubinga wood or the particularly nicely grained actiTube (formerly TUNE) olive wood pipe, 2-part with storage bag.
Made from high-quality materials and a real eye-catcher is the Vauen Dr. Perl Quixx 7, Pipe of briar wood with transparent Acryl-Mouthpiece.
Whichever model you choose - you are guaranteed to find the right activated carbon filter with us!