Buy tax free!

Information for international customers:

1.) You are from a country outside of the European Union (EU):

You can easy buy from our store. When you are finished just go through the checkout. After entering your shipping adress, the system will recognize your location and you buy without 19% sales tax! So you can save 19% on all prices in our store!

As a matter of course this is also possible for our customers from Switzerland or Norway!

2.) You are from a EU-country, like France, Italy, Poland, etc.:

You have an european VAT-tax number. Please do the registration process and setup an account in our store. When you are finished, please write us a message with you VAT-number. After we verified this number, we will update your account. Then you can save 19% sales tax on all our prices. Please keep in mind that you are responsible to the tax laws in your country.

3.) You are from Germany:

You are paying the actual 19% sales tax. In this case, it is not possible to buy tax free.