Now new at Paperguru - Backwoods Cigars

Backwoods cigars are traditionally made in the Dominican Republic.
They score with their characteristically rustic look with intentionally frayed Ends.

  • "As if rolled by hand!"

Here you can still see the traditional craftsmanship of cigar rolling.
They are one of the most successful brands in the flavoured cigar segment worldwide and have become a bestseller in a very short time since their introduction in the USA in 1981.


The predecessors of the traditional blunt

Backwoods cigars are filled with tobacco whose aromas of vanilla and fruit essences guarantee a sweet smoking pleasure. This flavoured filler is wrapped in a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper that has been matured for 12 months, which gives the cigar a particularly gentle, pleasant taste. The Blunt was created from this wrapper many years ago. It is freed from its aromatic content and refilled. Unlike the joint, here you have the combustible tobacco layer around the outside instead of mixed inside.


Backwoods is wrapped around Connecticut Broadleaf - what is that?

Connecticut Broadleaf is a tobacco variety that is mainly grown in the Connecticut River Valley in open sunlight. It grows as a stocky, bushy plant with very broad leaves, hence the name. After drying, these tobacco leaves become very dark and have always impressed experienced cigar gourmets with their unique aroma.


Flavoured tobacco enjoyment for real connoisseurs

An important criterion for a good cigar is the quality of its wrapper. It should not have any cracks or holes and should have few, above all very fine veins.
The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper belongs to the Maduro cigars:

  • Maduro translated from Spanish means "ripe".
  • Maduro stands for a certain shade of the wrapper leaf, as well as…
  • ... for a certain maturation (fermentation) of the wrapper.

Connecticut Broadleaf is the best-known Maduro variety and is prized for its quality and taste.


Easy handling: no cutting of the cigar necessary

The airtight packaging ensures the special moisture content and freshness of the Backwoods cigars. Another plus point is their open processing. No special cigar cutter is needed but they can be enjoyed immediately. Backwoods also burn very slowly and promise up to 20 minutes of smoking pleasure.


Backwoods cigars have a pleasantly manageable size

If you orientate yourself on the classic cigar measurements, the cigars from Backwoods are in a handy middle range:

  • With a diameter of about 12 mm, the Backwoods cigar lies between the so-called Panatela, Cadetes or Chicos.
  • A length of 115 mm is equivalent to Trabucos, Petit Edmundo or Rothschild cigars.

Backwoods are therefore rather narrow and not excessively long, which makes them particularly practical in their handling - as well as for Transport.


Now at Paperguru: Backwoods in 4 tasty flavours!

As a cigar fan, you can now choose between four delicious varieties at Paperguru:


  • Backwoods Authentic offers you an aromatic tobacco flavour with the aforementioned Maduro quality.
  • The Backwoods Blue variety convinces with its smoothness and a fine vanilla aroma.
  • With Backwoods Caribe, you can look forward to a little Caribbean holiday, the full-bodied aroma is compared to wild rum.
  • With Backwoods Purple, you get a true palate pleaser that treats you to the aroma of honey and red berries.