Filter tips - The practical alternative to the normal cigarette filter

Filter tips, also known as just "tips", are an alternative to the usual used cigarette filters. They consist of thin cardboard which is easy to fold and roll and can be rolled in a cigarette like a normal filter.
The advantage to smoking a cigarette without any filter at all is one the one hand, that no tobacco touches the lips directly or comes in your mouth. On the other hand, they provide form and stability.
While normal filters filter the pollutants out of the smoke, a filter tip conserves the desirable substances of the smoke.
If one still wants to filter out any harmful substances, there are
active charcoal filters which also can be used like normal ones, such as the active charcoal filters of actiTube.

Why buy tips instead of making them yourself?

In comparison to self-made filter tips, the big advantage of bought tips is that they are made by much thinner cardboard. Therefore they are easier to use and lighter, too. Furthermore their regular shape makes it easier to roll them and guarantees an optimal experience of smoking.

Filter tips in different sizes - for the individual comfort of smoking!

Tips are available in different sizes, which means widths. The size slim ranges from 60x17mm to 60x20mm (Smoking Deluxe Filtertips). By this, the filter becomes shorter. Whoever prefers a longer filter tip can use wide filter tips. Their size starts around 60x25 mm. Some brands have filter tips in both formats. For example Gizeh produces a slim (Gizeh Filtertips slim) and a wide version (Gizeh bronze black wide Filtertips). Also there exist Smoking Deluxe wide & slim, Elements wide & slim unperforated and RAW wide & slim.

Tips: Available perforated or unperforated

Filter tips are available in the standard version which means unperforated, like the ROOR wide Filtertips which come with different patterns on their booklets or the slim tips of the brand THE BULLDOG. In order to facilitate the process of rolling the filter, there exist also filter tips which are perforated on one end. Thus, it is possible to produce an ideal round form after folding them a few times and the resulting filter can be rolled in quite easy. Perforated filter tips are available from the brands OCB (OCB filter tips slim perforated), JASS (JASS filter tips perforated) and Elements (Elements filter tips slim perforated).

Pre-rolled filter tips for the ultimate easy handling!

Without a doubt pre-rolled filter tips are even more handy, like for example the RAW pre-rolled filter-tips slim.

Unbleached filter tips - for the natural and environment-friendly pleasure of smoking

If one has any concerns about saving nature and the environment, there is a broad offer of natural and chlorine-free tips. The OCB Virgin Unbleached filter tips, for example, are produced by the policy of the environment standard of ISO14001 which aims at a gentle use of natural resources and a least possible influence on the environment while the process of production. The brand Smoking as well as the brand THE BULLDOG offer a version of unbleached filter tips: The Smoking Brown filter tips unbleached and the THE BULLDOG filter tips unbleached. An even wider range the brand RAW has to offer: Their unbleached filter tips which are additionally free of any other chemicals, too, come in the slim, wide, pre-rolled and conical format. Unbleached filter tips have a brown, natural colouring.

Concial tips for a shapely and especially big result!

Whoever aims at producing an especially big result, now also has the possibility of using so called conical tips. These filter tips of the brand RAW are available in two different versions.

The RAW Cone Maestro which is in the wide format and the RAW Cone Perfecto which comes in the slim format. Both versions are perforated and allow an easy handling and a stylish result!