Blunt Wrap


Blunts are very popular in the United States. The original blunt is a cigar hollowed out and refilled. Meanwhile blunts are getting more and more popular everywere around the world. Of course brands and producers of blunts are geared to this circumstances and create more and more new flavours, sizes and types of blunts.

In this lap of luxury the brand Blunt Wrap is one of a kind due to its good quality blunts and a huge variety of flavours!

What is Blunt a Wrap?

Blunt Wrap Double Platinum are fine tobacco leafs, similar to those who are used to roll original cigars. One package contains 2 Blunt Wraps, ready to roll your own blunt and without the need of any additional tobacco.

How to choose Blunt Wrap Flavours

To each his own! Same when it comes to the perfect blunt flavour. Due to Blunt Wraps huge range from classy to eccentric, there is something for everyone:

Zero is Blunt Wraps neutral blunt - it tastes mild and soft giving smokers nothing but the pure blunt taste without artificials. The other 23 flavours vary from fruity as Mello Mango and Purple or sweet as Wild Honey and Chocolate. Fancier swear by flavours like XO Cognac and Jamaican Rum because of its classic and tasty old school charms.

The new generation of Blunt Wrap also offers some amazingly delicious tastes: new flavours Kush and Bubble Gum already got under our Top 5 of most popular blunt flavours!

How to roll Blunt Wraps

One package of Blunt Wrap contains 2 tobacco leafs seperated with a plastic sheet which keeps the blunts fresh - even if the package is already opened.

After taking the Blunt Wrap out you can roll your blunt just like a King Size paper. We encourage the use of active charcoal filters like ActiTube. This filters strong materials are keeping up really well with the Blunt Wrap tobacco leaf - which can be a little sticky!

If you prefer to smoke slims you can make your own slim Blunt Wrap by just cutting it into your desired slim size.

How to order Blunt Wraps

You already found your favourite Blunt Wrap flavours? Great! You can buy in advance and order the big box which contains 50 tasty Blunt Wraps.

And all the rest? The proof of the pudding is in the eating! Just order a mixed selection chosen from all 24 flavours and enjoy your journey.

Of course you can also choose specific flavours and create your individual mix of Blunt Wraps!