Cigarette filters

Cigarette filters

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Tobacco smoke has long been known to be harmful to health.
Nevertheless, the consumption of tobacco still enjoys great popularity. The cigarette is a product of enjoyment, which is primarily intended for relaxation. A cigarette in a cosy atmosphere promotes well-being after a hard day at work or underlines sociability at a meeting with friends.
Thanks to the use of cigarette filters, a large amount of harmful substances such as condensate and gases can be filtered out of the cigarette smoke. The smoke therefore becomes a little milder in taste and a little less harmful. Smokers who want a more intense taste therefore sometimes remove or shorten the cigarette filter.
Since we at also offer different filter sizes, this is no longer necessary. In the following text, we will introduce you to a few of the most important filters.

What are traditional cigarette filters made of?

The basic material for the production of traditional cigarette filters is cellulose obtained from wood. This is converted into cellulose acetate with the help of a chemical process. The cellulose acetate flakes are then dissolved in acetone and spun into long threads, which you can see clearly when you take apart a filter cigarette.
When you inhale the cigarette smoke, fine particles such as tar get stuck in these threads, which can be clearly seen from the brown colouring of a used filter.
Many manufacturers of smoking accessories offer a wide range of cellulose filters:

- Gizeh active charcoal filter 8mm cigarette fine filter
- David Ross Filters REGULAR, 8 x 15 mm
- OCB Slim Filters unbleached cellulose cigarette filters
- Smoking Classic Filters 8mm Regular Size Cigarette Filters
- ZIG-ZAG Regular Filter, 8 mm diameter

... and many more!

Organic filters for all environmentally conscious smokers

Not least for reasons of climate protection, many manufacturers of cigarette filters now want to move away from wood-based filters and have brought alternatives onto the market, such as the RAW Regular Cotton filters, which are made from cotton. You can also find many compostable roll-in filters at NATUR Slim Filter, biodegradable cigarette filters
Also in slim size and very popular are the Greengo Organic ECO Filter Slim biodegradable unbleached or slim and at the same time extra-long: Gizeh Pure XL Slim Filter Unbleached Biodegradable. The Smoking Brown Filter 6mm Slim Size Biodegradable Cigarette Filters are already convincing in terms of colour and you can dispose of them in the organic waste without hesitation.
Nevertheless, you should not throw away your cigarettes just like that. Instead, get a handy helper, the RAW Pocket Ashtray to go, which fits easily into any handbag or jacket pocket.

Cigarette filters in any lengths and diameters

At we offer you a large selection of cigarette filters in a wide range of sizes.
You have the choice of whether you want to buy a filter in

- Regular (8 millimetres)
- Midi (7 millimetres)
- Slim (6 millimetres) or ...
- Extra-Slim with a diameter of just 5.3 mm.

If you don't want it to be very slim or "normally" thick, you will certainly like the GIZEH Midi filters, 7 mm diameter with adhesive surface. From the same quality brand, you can also purchase a particularly narrow diameter with the help of the Gizeh Filter Sticks Extra Slim 5.3mm diameter, or you can let the smoke pass a significantly longer way for a mild and balanced enjoyment: Gizeh Black XL Slim Filter 6mm Extra Long Cigarette Filters.
Long filters are of course also available with a standard diameter, e.g. Smoking Classic Filter 8mm Regular Long Filter 22mm or Xtreme Xtra Regular Cigarette Filters Extra Long 22mm.

Cigarette filters made from different materials

It doesn't always have to be the classic cellulose filter. If you like the detoxifying properties of activated carbon filters, you should try the White Elephant Superflow natural meerschaum filter, 9 mm diameter, filled with natural Meerschaum granules.
Also very popular with many Paperguru customers are the microfilters from David Ross. Here you have a small "cigarette holder" made of transparent plastic, which visibly filters the tar out of the tobacco smoke. David Ross microfilters are available from a regular diameter David Ross cigarette microfilter 8 mm to Slim David Ross RYO Minifilter, 6 mm diameter or the especially narrow David Ross SLIM microfilter, 5 mm diameter.
What they have in common is that they provide up to 60% pollutant reduction in tobacco smoke.

Filters for that special flavour k(l)ick

Pure and unadulterated tobacco enjoyment is all well and good, but people are always happy to have a little variety for their taste buds.
Many smokers may already know from cigarette tubes that manufacturers add refreshing or fruity flavours to them. For example, the manufacturer FRUTTA is extremely popular (e.g. with the FRUTTA Click tubes 5 Flavours Supermix) and also offers cigarette filters with different fruit flavours. If you want to try them all once, we highly recommend our FRUTTA aroma filter 4-bags-SUPERMIX, set of all 4 flavors!
A classic among the flavours is of course the refreshing menthol flavour as offered by the Smoking Menthol Slim filters. What is very popular with cigarette tubes are the flavour capsules for crushing in the click tubes.
Fans of rolling their own can also get such an aroma explosion from us, thanks to the SWAN Crushball Fresh Burst extra slim filter with peppermint flavor or Dark Horse Ultra Slim Filter Tips Menthol Crush. Or especially refreshing with the Fresh Bomb Duo Slim Filters Menthol 6mm.

Cigarette filters for less pollutants - now more than ever!

Some smokers find the common carbon filters with ceramic caps on both sides too solid, but still don't want to miss out on the pollutant-reducing effect. For you we have fine filters in different sizes in our filter assortment: Gizeh active charcoal filter 8mm cigarette fine filter, Gizeh slim active charcoal cigarette filter 6mm or Dark Horse Slim Filter Tips Carbon.
Or maybe you would like to combine the advantages of a self-rolled tip with those of a cellulose filter? Then the kit from Jilter, Jilter Rolling Filter Add-on for Filtertips would probably be the optimal solution for you.

Smoking WITHOUT a cigarette filter is not recommended!

As already mentioned at the beginning, by now (and fortunately) every child knows that smoking is not particularly beneficial to physical health. That is why cigarettes and tobacco products are only available on the German market from the age of 18 for good reason. If the social or pleasure aspect is important to you and you still want to consume tobacco with a clear conscience, you should be aware that smoking without a filter leads to lung cancer much more often than smoking with a filter. Smokers of filterless cigarettes die almost twice as often from the consequences of smoking than smokers of filter cigarettes.
If you are an adult, you have a choice.
In our Paperguru webshop, you will find a large selection of cigarette filters for almost every individual taste.

Find exactly the right cigarette filters at Paperguru!

Every smoker has his or her own individual needs in terms of what a cigarette filter has to offer.
The range must therefore also be just as individual.
We at have put together a colourful and diverse selection for you in our "Cigarette Filters" section.
If you are missing certain filter types or brands, please let us know. Send us an email at - your feedback and suggestions help us to be the best possible webshop for your needs.