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Blunt Wrap
Blunt Wrap

  Blunts are very popular in the United States. The original blunt is a cigar hollowed out and refilled. Meanwhile blunts are getting more and more popular...

Cyclones XTRASLO
Cyclones XTRASLO

Cyclone Blunts XTRASLO - for the extra long joy of smoking! The Cyclone XTRASLO are the premium versions of the blunts by the brand Cyclones. They have an...

Juicy Jays Double
Juicy Jays Double

   Juicy Jay's Double Blunts Who doesn't enjoy a blunt during festivities in a nice round of people? But the traditional way of rolling a blunt...


What is a blunt?

A blunt is a cigar filled with herbs.
The wrap of the cigar consists of tobacco, hence it is not necessary adding some tobacco to the filling. The original way to roll a blunt is to cut or break the cigar on one side and release the tobacco filling completely. After this procedure the wrap is prepared to be filled again just like an usual handmade cigarette.

Juicy Jays Blunts or Blunt Wraps?

Besides the old school style of rolling a blunt, there are some very convenient products available which may add some excitement to the smoking experience.
Extremely popular due to their tasty flavours and extensive collection are blunts like Juicy Jays and Blunt Wraps. Fans of these brands appreciate the diversity of flavours which ranges from fruity to creamy and even tangy. Due to their air tight packing, these blunt wraps keep their flavour very long. The papers will not dry out. This way they remain smooth which is a great benefit while rolling a blunt.
(We offer Juicy Jays also in a big range as flavoured King Size Papers under Flavoured Papers.)

Kingpin Blunts stay fresh due to their air tight packing

Blunts of the brand Kingpin are getting more and more popular in the USA these days.
Besides their creative sense for new flavours one another reason for their success is the triple dip procedure. That means, the papers are aromatised three times. Kingpins blunt wraps come in a reclosable tube. Even already rolled up blunts can be carried in those tubes and stay fresh this way. Kingpin guarantees for the freshness of their products with a seal of quality.

Pre-rolled blunt cones are a convenient choice

Pre-rolled cones are a great alternative to Blunt Wraps.
The only thing to do is to fill the already rolled cone. Cyclones is the first brand to develop these cones. Meanwhile Cyclones are available in many sizes and with many flavours. Like the classic Cyclone Conical Blunt all cones come with an integrated filter. The tips of the Cyclones XTRASLO Blunts are soaked in aromatised concentrate for 7 days before they continue processing.
(You can also buy the Dank 7 Tips separately in our Shop, in 2 different flavours: Sugar Cane and Wonderberry)

Are there Blunts without Tobacco?

Sure, there are - and we have them!
For those Blunt-Smokers who want to forgo tobacco we offer a colorful range of Cyclones CLEAR Cones. These blunts are rolled from transparent cellulose in many different flavours. The good thing about it - you cannot only smell it, but even see exactly, what is inside.
(If you like our transparent cones, maybe you should also take a look at our Transparent Papers.)

Take a look at the recent novelties in our blunt-range and give them a try: Wraps and Cones made by KUSH in 7 exciting flavours.