Juicy Jays Double

Juicy Jay's Double Blunts

Who doesn't enjoy a blunt during festivities in a nice round of people? But the traditional way of rolling a blunt is more expensive and tricky than rolling King Size papers. This is one reason people save blunts for special occasions.

Thanks to Juicy Jay's Double Blunts, these days are finally over. The new generation of blunt cones comes with many exciting flavours and is very easy to handle.

What are Juicy Jay's Double Blunts?

Blunts from Juicy Jay's are one of the most popular tobacco papers. They are very even and thin. Compared with the "Breaking-a-Cigar"-Method it is super quick and easy. Thanks to Juicy Jay's Double everybody can roll a blunt within seconds.

Juicy Jay's Double Blunts advantages

In times of massive offers of new brands on the market, Juicy Jay's Double Blunts are getting more and more popular.

There are many reasons for this: Juicy Jay's Blunts consist of high quality materials and got a well-thought-out product design. A reclosable zip-closure keeps the 20 flavours fresh and moisted.

Juicy Jay's Double Blunts Flavours

Juicy Jay's offers 20 different flavours of Double Blunts for any taste. Classic and fruity like Orange Overload, Grapes-Gone-Wild and Black 'N' Blueberry are very popular and good for starting.

But Juicy Jay's Blunts can also taste rich and sweet like Double Dutch Chocolate and Cherry Vanilla. When it's getting colder outside we are experiencing the sudden rise of Apple Brown Betty. This flavour always seemed to stand back between all the other delicious flavours. But during winter season the fine smell of apple pie is truly a favourite.

Besides sweet flavour also slidly bitter aromas got there place in Juicy's assortment. Cuban Mojito and Black Russian are a little more grounded and are often fancied by experienced blunt smokers.

Juicy Jay's Double Blunts special flavours

Even more variety bring the new special flavour: Trip and Wrappers Delight reminds you of playground days with a taste of cotton candy and lollipop. The Zilla combines sweet and sour to a great new concept which everbody should taste at least once!

Rolling Juicy Jay's blunts

Due to the fine and smooth texture rolling a Juicy Jay's Blunt is just as simple as rolling a King Size paper. Keep in mind: If you pass on additional tobacco your smoking experience can be quite strong.

To prevent this case just cut the wrap in in the middle. What you get is a thin and elegant blunt!

Buying Juicy Jay's Double Blunts

Paperguru at the moment offers all 20 Juicy Jay's Double Blunt flavours. One pack contains 2 blunts. If you have a special wish when it comes to the mix of flavour, please send us a message. Otherwise we will select a balanced mix. If you already know your favourite flavour you can purchase a the big box of 50 blunts in total.