NEW: Paperguru customer loyalty program

Do you collect points?

Yes, sure - Paperguru-points!

With immediate effect your loyalty to our Paperguru Onlineshop is paying off even more. On each purchase order you collect bonus points, which you can redeem at will for your following orders.

How does this work?
For each euro order value you receive 10 bonus points.
The monetary value of the bonus points is calculated by 2% of the total shopping basket value.

Explanation in detail:
For example, if you order at Paperguru for 100€, you receive 1000 bonus points that have a total value of 2€.
The amount of points that you receive for each order will be displayed during the order process in the shopping basket.
Directly next to the button "Continue to your order".

These points will be credited on your customer account within 5 working days after your last order has been completed.

What is possible, what isn't?
These bonus points are yours and only you can redeem them in our shop.
Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a transferability to other Paperguru customers.

A small THANK-YOU from us for each of your orders at Paperguru!


How do I redeem my bonus points?

It works like this:

As usual, add the products you want to buy from Paperguru.

Go on to „Show Basket“.

In this view you will see the credit of your bonus points under the total amount and the button "Continue to your order".
You have the option to redeem all or part of your bonus points, as you can see in the drop-down menu on the right. If you have decided on a number of bonus points, click the "Redeem" button and continue with the order as usual.

Please note: A maximum of 10,000 bonus points worth 20€ can be redeemed per order!

The amount is deducted from the total amount of the current purchase.