ActiTube Tune In Pipes are the right choice for beginners and experienced pipe smokers

Pipes are beautiful and convenient at the same time. In addition, these pipes are a piece of culture because they are almost as old as smoking itself.

Being new to the world of pipes it is quite easy to get lost. The tremendious range of offers can be confusing.

Fortunately ActiTube has the right products for freshmans and experienced pipe smokers.

Low priced and stable pear wood for beginners

ActiTubes TuneIn Pipes are hand-made, therefore every single pipe is unique. Three different kinds of wood are used: pear, olive and precious bruyere wood.

To get a feeling for this amazing way of smoking, it is advisable to start with a stable pipe which is in the low price range. TuneIn Pipes made from pear wood are the right choice to start in the first place. They are easy to handle and give you a first impression.

Beautiful veined olive pipes or pipes made from high class Bruyere

TuneIn Pipes made from olive take it one step further: olive wood is beautiful due to its mottles structure and more pricy than pear wood.

Experienced smokers swear by types of noble Bruyere wood. Bruyere is traditionally used in pipes and known for its gentle flavour and high quality.

ActiTube Pipes are very easy to handle

All ActiTube TuneIn Pipe got the same simple system. It is very easy and time-saving to clean and re-fill the pipe within seconds:

Inside the pipe sticks a little tube so you can put the 8mm ActiTube filter in and out in no time.

ActiTube charcoal filters for less harmful substances

ActiTube charcoal filters make a soft smoking experience. They absorb harmful substances before they can be inhaled.

Every set includes 3 Actitube 8mm charcoal filters (from which one is already in the pipe), 3 sieves and one ActiTube TuneIn Pipe. The Bruyere- and Olive- set includes a small black etui as well.

It is advisable to change the charcoal filter after 10 to 20 pulls. ActiTube charcoal filter are also available in boxes of 40 or 100 filters.

Original ActiTube sieves can be used in more than one way

ActiTube sieves should be replaced from time to time. Before you put a new sieve into the pipe it should be held into a flame for a couple of seconds.

Besides ActiTube Pipes, Actitube sieves can be used in all kinds of other pipes like water pipes and more.

New 7 mm ActiTube charcoal filters are perfect for thin cigarettes

ActiTube also has something in stock for friends of rolling papers: ActiTube 7mm charcoal filters are thinner than ActiTube 8mm filters and the perfect match for fine rolling papers. Like ActiTube 8mm active charcoal filter these popular filters withdraw a considerable amount of harmful substances.