short (regular)

short (regular)


The short cigarette paper, also called regular or single wide

A short cigarette paper is a rolling paper that, with its handy dimensions of approx. 35 x 68 mm to approx. 39 x 70 mm, is particularly suitable for brief tobacco consumption.
There are various names for this type of rolling paper, which can vary depending on the manufacturer: short rolling papers, regular papers or single wide.

The single wide rolling paper: Made from various materials ...

As with other formats, the short cigarette paper is available in various materials, also in our Paperguru Webshop.
For the thicker regular papers, materials such as flax we offer the OCB white 100 cigarette paper Filigrane Gomme No. 4 short or for example in Canuma hemp papers or Pure Hemp Papers.
The fineness of the Smoking White Regular short cigarette paper is 21g / m˛ in the normal range and can therefore be rolled up particularly well.
The OCB Green N ° 8 Regular short cigarette papers with cut corners are a classic among medium-strength rolling papers.
Elements short cigarette papers are made from rice, are ultra-thin and particularly neutral in taste.

... and in different paper grammages!

Extra fine papers: thin regular papers for intensive tobacco enjoyment

If you are into a particularly intense tobacco taste, you should choose an extra thin paper, as offered by many manufacturers.
OCB offers the OCB Black 100 cigarette paper Filigrane Gomme No. 4 short or the GIZEH Extra Fine Paper with a weight of just 14g / m2.
With a delicate 10 grams per square meter, the Smoking Thinnest Double Window Papers and OCB Ultimate Regular short ultra-thin cigarette papers (also available in the large box with 50 booklets) are currently the thinnest short papers in our Paperguru range.

Different measurements for individual smoking pleasure: Papers in the extra slim format

For those for whom a normal single wide paper is still too wide, the extra slim format is particularly suitable, such as the GIZEH Fine Extra Slim cigarette paper, which is a little bit narrower with its width of approx. 35 mm. Best suitable for the extra slim cigarettes.
With the Smoking Master Regular short ultra thin papers you kill two birds with one stone: These papers are ultra slim and ultra thin at the same time!

The different packaging: single or double feed and booklets with magnetic closure

In addition to the different thicknesses and formats with regard to their width, the short cigarette papers also vary with regard to their packaging.
OCB and GIZEH offer papers with a double feed system. GIZEH also offers practical booklets with magnetic closures (GIZEH Fine Magnet and GIZEH Extra Fine Magnet), which are ideal for resealing and were even awarded the reddot award in 2011 for their stylish design.
Another classic is probably the OCB Blue 100 Cartonne Express Gomme No. 4 cigarette papers, the double window booklet of which can be fixed with a practical elastic band.
With the OCB Craft, short papers made of hemp in a double-window booklet, the packaging is even 100% biodegradable and there is no magnet or rubber band at all.

Environmentally friendly papers: unbleached and chlorine-free!

Most cigarette paper manufacturers nowadays use a "tree-free" manufacturing method.
For particularly environmentally conscious smokers, there is the Smoking Brown No. 8, the RAW Classic Regular Papers or the ultra-thin RAW Black Single Wide are both not only free of chlorine and chemical substances, but are also made with wind energy - more sustainable smoking is hardly possible!
But popular brands like GIZEH, OCB or Greengo also support your green conscience. GIZEH Pure Fine Regular cigarette papers are made from the finest organic hemp, a rapidly renewable raw material. OCB Virgin Regular unbleached cigarette papers impress with their natural brown color and the Greengo Extra Thin Classics are also unbleached, chlorine-free and produced environmentally friendly.

Aromatic papers for the extraordinary pleasure of smoking!

If you like things a little extravagant, you can also choose single wide papers with a flavor. Rizla Liquorice cigarette paper, for example, offers a light flavoring of wood and sweet liquorice and makes smoking a very special experience.
Also available at Paperguru from the brand Smoking - Smoking Liquorice!

At Paperguru you can also buy accessories to make it easier to roll up your short papers!

For those of you who would like to get help making your hand-rolled ones, we also have a lot of accessories in our webshop:

For example, use the handy GIZEH Rollfix roller for your short cigarettes or the OCB Bamboo Roller made of bamboo, made from sustainable materials. The RAW Rolling Box 70mm rolling machine even offers storage space for the tobacco of your choice.