RAW Rolling Box 70mm Rolling Machine

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This RAW Rolling Box rolls perfect 70 mm regular sized cigarettes!

The box consists of a metal housing and an extra strong rolling mat. So the result will never be rolled too loosely.  
Besides the box is an excellent storage for papers or tobacco.
Suitable for any standard papers up to 70 mm in length. 
A manual is attached.


Item number: 2405

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4 from 5
its great when it works

I have used this item quite alot now since i bought it. I love it the best way to roll a sigarette. i can roll a sigarette no worries but not like this hehe.
the box takes a little while to get used to but once you get the hang of it its fun. And you get the same kind of sigarette every time.
One thing tho I am not happy with mine. the rolling matt or appron as they call it is allready damaged allthought this should be good quality.
Another thing. I hav been wrestling since beginning to get out a decent rolled sigarette. it also took me a while to figure out what was wrong but i found the problem.
its a production error maybe design flaw from RAW. Let me explain. When i prepared my roll, leaf in there plus filter and tobacco, i close the box to initiate the roll very slowly
and when it finally comes out? the 8 MM regular filter is reduced to a sigarette of only 6 MM, meaning it presses the whole sigarette into a smaller form. very tight roll, it smokes but not fun to smoke.. smoke to air ratio is to high barely enjoyable. anyway i found a solution in handling it so it comes out but it is inconsistent :(
I bought this box because i tought it would be more durable, and a decent sigarette comes out every time just perfect ly rolled nice and smooth taste but mine are mostly crammed up too tight and hard to puff on.

., 12.09.2020
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