Papers for your individual Needs!

As the name suggests - let us be your guru when it comes to papers.
But first, back to the beginning:

Why do we need cigarette paper at all?

Quite simply because we humans have been consuming tobacco for centuries.
Even the Central American natives rolled tobacco in corn paper and smoked it. In the middle of the 16th century, this idea was brought to Europe as part of the Spanish colonisation. Until then, tobacco was mainly snuffed. From 1586 onwards, tobacco smoking spread from England via Holland throughout Europe.
In the meantime, there are countless varieties of tobacco and papers that can be combined with each other. Here, tastes and needs are very different. This is exactly why we offer a wide range of products, so that you can find the perfect papers for you!


Papers made from a wide variety of material!

Usually cigarette paper consists of pulp obtained from wood, hemp, rice or flax. Papers from hemp are becoming increasingly popular in Europe, with around 70-90% of the hemp fibre harvest being processed into pulp for cigarette papers.
Especially unbleached papers and organic papers are often made of hemp fibres, because hemp is a robust plant by nature and relatively undemanding in cultivation. This is quite similar with papers from rice, which are also extremely thin and tasteless. However, the production of rice paper is somewhat more complex and rice papers are therefore a bit more expensive.
Papers from bamboo are characterised by their flexibility, and bamboo is also a rapidly renewable raw material. For example, with ROLL SEDA ECO King Size Papers, bamboo paper, you can always give something back to nature.


Find cigarette papers from numerous manufacturers - with small and big names!

We at Paperguru believe that not only large traditional companies produce good cigarette paper. Small family businesses, start-ups from all corners of the world and even companies "Made in Germany" are among our suppliers.
Choose your favourite papers from a long list of manufacturers:

- American Aviator
- Blunt Wrap
- Canuma
- Dark Horse
- Elements
- Futurola
- Greengo
- Juicy Jays
- Kingpin
- Rizla
- Smoking
- The Bulldog


Sustainable smoking pleasure starts with good organic rolling papers

We live in difficult times of climate change, overpopulation and the destruction of the environment through monocultures in agriculture. That is why many manufacturers of Organic Papers are setting an example and have switched to rapidly renewable raw materials and biodegradable materials.

GIZEH offers its Gizeh Pure Fine Regular cigarette paper made from the finest organic hemp. If organic and long is not enough for you, you can also have a look at our rolls, for example the OCB Organic Hemp Slim Rolls made of organic hemp or the Smoking Organic Rolls endless paper made of organic hemp, each with a length of 4 metres.
Don't like to roll your own? No problem at all, because you can also find pre-rolled cones in organic quality:
RAW Organic Hemp Cones 1 1/4 Medium, pre-rolled with RAW Tip


Find papers of any Format!

Speaking of Cones...

If you're in a hurry or don't like rolling your own cones, these pre-rolled papers are an excellent solution.
In the classic king size format and at the same time in a stock pack, the RAW Cones Classic King Size 800 box are particularly popular. If you prefer something slimmer, then the RAW Classic Cone Lean Bulk, 109mm, 800 pre-rolled King Size Cones per box are probably more suitable for you.  If you like to be flexible in terms of size, RAW has had a great idea here too: RAW 5 Stage RAWket pre-rolled cones in 5 different sizes.
It doesn't always have to be king-size, with the Greengo Medium 1 1/4 Cones, with integrated tip and practical filling aid, you can fill yourself a handy medium format.


The combination of papers + tips is perfect for on the go!

The advantage - you have everything you need at your fingertips!
Take your pick:

- Jilter Smoke Kit
- Smoking Brown Papers + Tips
- OCB Slim Roll Kit Virgin Paper
- RAW Masterpiece Classic Rolls & Tips

and much more...


What was RYO again? Oh yes: Roll Your Own!

Whether it's because you want to save money and therefore don't want to buy "active" cigarettes, or because you have your own mind about the amount of tobacco and the strength of your cigarettes: rolling your own never goes out of fashion!
For the standard size, papers from the short (regular) category are usually the best choice. These are also increasingly available in different paper thicknesses. A normal, fast cigarette can be rolled very well with Marie 100 cigarette papers or OCB Blue Rolling Papers, 50 regular papers per booklet, cut corners.
Unbeatable in price are the American Aviator Original papers or if it should be a bit lighter Rizla Green Medium Thin, Regular Cigarette Paper, Cut Corners.
Unbleached papers for the cigarette in between also roll well with Smoking Brown No. 8 unbleached cigarette paper.
Or if you prefer the papers wafer thin:
Smoking Thinnest Double Window papers and OCB Ultimate Regular Ultrathin Cigarette Papers.


Not short, not long, prefer a medium size?

At Paperguru you will also find a good selection of 1 ¼ (medium) papers, which are exactly between regular and king size. Or also known as Queen Size: Gizeh Black Queen Size 1 1/4 Format Extra Fine.
Popular are these from Bob Marley 1 1/4 Medium Size papers from hemp or Elements 1 1/4 Medium Size Cigarette Papers Ultra Thin Rice Papers.
For a change from a different (and as we have already learned, original) material would be the Smoking Maiz 1 1/4, medium cigarette papers from Sweetcorn or simply completely transparent with the Trip 2 Clear Cigarette Papers made of cellulose, 1 ¼ format.


King Size, King Size Slim or rather Ultra Slim?

Surely some of you like to roll a little more generously and therefore like the good old King Size format, which we offer in the best unbleached quality, for example as Greengo King Size papers. But also available from traditional brands such as OCB White King Size Papers Extra Long and Ricepapers Smoking Red King Size Rice Papers. Here, the width of approx. 53 mm compared to Kingsize Slim with 44 mm already makes a difference that is not to be despised.
But maybe it can't be slim enough, according to the motto "less paper - more taste" - you're welcome to it, take your pick:
Greengo King Size Extra Slim Papers, unbleached long papers or Smoking Master King Size Papers ultra slim papers (also available as rolls: Smoking Master Rolls ultra slim Papers).


Flavoured cigarette papers for every taste

Our range of flavoured papers not only offers a variety of flavours, these papers also look particularly pretty.
Manufacturers such as Juicy Jays or Slim Jim have printed their flavoured papers with motifs from the corresponding fruits.
The Slim Jim Slushies Papers "Strawberry Sorbet" are printed with small strawberries and the Juicy Jay's King Size flavoured Papers "Mello Mango" also come in a colourful mango design.
Simply yummy and a feast for the eyes.
Flavoured, transparent and pre-rolled. Three things at once. YES, you can also get this:
Cyclones CLEAR Cones Free choice of flavours Transparent Pre-rolled

No matter what kind of rolling paper is just right for you - at Paperguru you will definitely find a large, colourful selection in a wide range of sizes.

If you are still missing your absolute favourite, please contact us at and we will be happy to see what we can do for you!