short (regular)

The short cigarette paper, also known as regular or single wide

A short cigarette paper is a paper that has the measurements of about 35x68mm to 39x70mm and therefore qualifies especially for the short tobacco pleasure. For these kinds of papers there exist various names, which differ depending on its producers: Short papers, regular papers or also single wide.

The single wide paper: Produced with diverse materials and in different levels of thickness for different tastes

Like in any other format, the short cigarette paper is available in different materials. For the thick regular papers, mostly such materials as flax (for example the OCB white 100er cigarette paper Gomme No.4) or hemp are used (for example Canuma hemp papers or Pure Hemp papers). Most producers produce their papers ?tree-free? nowadays.

Extra fine papers: Thin papers for an intensive pleasure of smoking

Those who like the extra intensive taste of tobacco should pick an extra thin paper, like offered from many producers additionally. OCB offers the OCB Black 100er cigarette paper filigrane Gomme No.4 short and from Gizeh there is the Gizeh Extra Fine Paper which comes with a weight of only 14mg/m2. Thin papers are mostly produced of cellulose.

Different measurements for the individual enjoyment of smoking: Papers in the format extra slim

If a normal single wide paper is still too wide for you, there is the format extra slim, like the Gizeh Extra Slim Papers Cut Corners, which are only about 35 mm wide. This is especially made for rolling thin cigarettes.

The different packages: Single- or doublefeed and booklets with magnetic catch

Additional to the different levels of thickness and format concerning their wideness, short cigarette papers also vary in terms of their packages. OCB and Gizeh offer papers with a Doublefeed System. Gizeh also offers the very practical booklets which come with magnetic catch (Gizeh Fine Magnet and Gizeh Extra Fine Magnet), which are ideal to reclose and even won the reddot award in 2011 for their very stylish design.

Environmentally friendly papers: Unbleached and chlorine-free!

For ecosensitive smokers there is Smoking brown No.8 or RAW Classic Regular which are not only free from chlorine and other chemical substances but are also produced with wind energy!

Tasteful papers for the extraordinary pleasure of smoking: Papers with liquorice taste!

Those who like it a little bit more extravagant can also pick papers with a special taste. Rizla Liquorice cigarette papers for example offer a soft aroma of wood and sweet liquorice and transform your experience of smoking in a very special one!