Buy at Paperguru Liquids according to your taste!

You found your e-cigarette in our Paperguru shop and want to start vaping as you please?
Take a look around and find what you are looking for, we offer you a colorful assortment of different liquids from different manufacturers. No matter whether you prefer liquids with a lot, little or completely without nicotine, every flavor is available in various intensities.
You can also find higher dosed nicotine salts in our online shop.

E-liquids for every mood of the day

Do you feel like a stimulating coffee after lunch? Vape it instead of drinking it.
Maybe you had a stressful day and now long for a relaxing cup of black tea? Or enjoy your evening with a spicy and refreshing gin basil smash cocktail.
We also have e-liquids on offer for the vapers among you who have always liked the taste of tobacco cigarettes. Choose between the pure tobacco aroma, a gentle tobacco-vanilla combination or try the mixture of tobacco taste with caramel and cinnamon.

Buy fruity liquids

Some vapers prefer liquids with fruity flavors and of course they should not be neglected either.
Enjoy a full-bodied, delicious red apple in your e-cigarette or snack on the cherries, almost as if freshly picked from the tree. Maybe you are looking for a tart-refreshing grapefruit or a sparkling lemonade?
The ready-made liquids, which combine fruity aromas, offer you particularly exciting taste explosions. Watermelon and strawberry for example, or maybe sweet blueberries together with tart-sour blackberries?
Or turn it into a sweet meal and vape a pancake with caramelized fruits and delicious berry sauce.
The imagination knows no limits!

Mix liquids yourself for the individual taste

In a well-stocked liquid shop, the Shake & Vape section should of course not be missing.
The great thing about mixing these liquids yourself is that you can determine the nicotine intensity yourself. You simply add the desired amount of a nicotine shot to the over-flavored liquid. Shake vigorously, "let it steep" for a while and your flavorful liquid is ready.
In terms of taste, you can enjoy a hearty rhubarb cake with a hint of vanilla, for example, or enjoy delicious toffee popcorn without any calories.
With the right e-cigarette, you are now spoilt for choice as to which of the numerous liquids from our shop you want to try first.