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E-Cigarettes Accessories
E-Cigarettes Accessories

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The alternative to the ciggy

Since several years e-cigarettes are enjoying a growing popularity.
The motivation to switch from the 'good old cigarette' to the electronic variety is quite individual. Some heavy smokers for example use the e-cigarette for a long-term reduction of pollution of their lungs. They still love the feeling of inhaling, but the facts of health risks of smoking did not fail to leave their marks.

Liquids in all kinds of flavours

No matter if it is for the smokers who still want to indulge their passion for nicotine and the taste of tobacco, or for those who simply like to inhale flavoured vapour - There are liquids in all kinds of different flavours.
In our shop for example you can find classics like menthol or fruity flavours. Even exotic creations like the combination of tobacco, caramel and cinnamon are ready to vape. You like to scrunch or vape some cookies? Or how about a sugar-glazed Blueberry Donut?
Of course all of these cool flavours offer you the choice: With or without nicotine and different intensities of nicotine.

MTL or DL? Which resistance value creates the optimal vaping experience?

For those who are buying their very first e-cigarette, most terms are not self-explanatory.
Some models of e-cigarettes are called MTL-Vaporizer, others DL-Vaporizer - but what is exactly meant by these abbreviations?
MTL = Mouth to Lung!
The MTL-Vaporizer is an e-cigarette that, according to the draught, can most likely be compared to a real cigarette. The vapour is sucked up into the mouth and, as the next step, inhaled into the lungs. MTL-Vaporizers like the JustFog P16A are therefore the perfect models for beginners.
DL = Direct Lung inhalation!
The draught of a DL-Vaporizer can be compared with the draught of a Shisha. The vapour can be sucked in and inhaled at the same time without any problems. The Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus is an example for a DL-Vaporizer.
Some models of e-cigarettes can even offer you both functions - it depends on the coil, that you are using:
With the JustFog FOG1 you can exchange the coils at will. If you want to use the e-cigarette for MTL-vaping, the coil with 0,8 ohm resistance value is recommended. You want the direct lung inhalation, switch to the 0,5 ohm coil.

Exchange your e-cigarettes accessoires regularly!

Coils belong to the spare and wear parts of an e-cigarette.
Depending on the intensity of your daily vaping, you should definitely be prepared with some suitable replacement-coils. Also the mouthpieces, so called drip tips, can be reordered in our shop. And although it is made of robust Pyrex glass, should the glass tank of your FOG1 ever get broken, make a find on Paperguru.