E-Cigarettes Accessories

E-Cigarette accessories


E-cigarette accessories should of course not be missing!

You found the perfect e-cigarette model for you at Paperguru?
Perfect, then you can start vaping as you please. But do not forget that your e-cigarette needs to be treated with care if you want to use it for a longer period of time.
Therefore, some parts of your e-cigarette need to be replaced from time to time. Of course, you can also find these e-cigarette accessories in our online shop.

Buy drip tips and replacement tanks online

This includes, for example, the mouthpiece, which is also called the drip tip. Mouthpieces should be replaced every now and then for hygienic reasons.
The glass tank, which is filled with liquid, usually consists of unbreakable pyrex glass. But even a tank can break, get scratches or leak.
The exchange of mouthpieces and glass tanks varies from model to model, but is usually quick and easy and your e-cigarette is fully operational again in no time.

E-cigarette accessories for an optimal taste experience

Which spare parts you should definitely have in stock for your vaporizer are vaporizer heads.
The evaporator head, which evaporates the liquid of your choice by heating a heating coil, is located directly below the liquid tank. After a certain time, depending on how regularly the evaporator is used, the smallest amounts of e-liquid have burned themselves into the wire of the heating coil. Most vaporizer heads also use cotton wool for the e-liquid to conduct the voltage. This cotton can lose its absorption capacity at some point and the steam begins to taste slightly charred.
Then it is time for a new evaporator head.

The right evaporator head for the right vapor production

Depending on whether strong vaping is desired or you want to experience the feeling of pulling a cigarette, different coils are available:
For MTL vaping - short for mouth to lung - vaporizer heads with a resistance value of 0.8 - 1.6 ohms are suitable. Here is pulled like a tobacco cigarette, the steam ends up in the mouth and is only inhaled into the lungs in a second step.
If you prefer to practice subohm vaping, also called direct lung inhalation (DL), vaporizer heads with a resistance value of 0.5 ohm are ideal, or a mesh coil with 0,18 ohm. With DL vaping, you can wrap yourself in aromatic vapor clouds, but be careful - the liquid consumption here is significantly higher than with MTL vaping.
Some e-cigarette models offer you the option to choose between MTL and DL. In the LYNDEN PLAY tank you have all spare parts at a glance.

Shop e-cigarette accessories conveniently online

With us in the Paperguru Shop you can conveniently shop your e-cigarettes and accessories online.
Whether at home from the comfort of a sofa or on the go on the go - just as you like. We ship all of our goods quickly and in discreet packaging.
We always have spare parts that should be replaced regularly for the e-cigarette models from our shop. So you can look forward to a fresh vape indulgence every day.