E-Cigarettes - Now also available at Paperguru!

The trend towards e-cigarettes has been observed for many years. At Paperguru we offer a wide range of smoking papers and other smoking accessories.
But we cannot ignore the trend that leads away from tobacco cigarettes and towards e-cigarettes. It offers a number of advantages, such as less penetrating smell of smoke, individual taste choices for e-liquids and more flexibility in the duration of use.

E-cigarettes, accessories and liquids - everything at a glance!

That's why we expanded our range last year and since then have offered you a selection of different e-cigarette models, e-cigarette accessories and numerous liquids to buy online: ready-made liquids, high-dose nicotine salts and shake & vape liquids to mix yourself.
Whether with a large or small tank volume, liquids with a lot or completely without nicotine or various spare parts - just have a look around.

E Cigarettes vs. Smoking

More and more cigarette smokers want to cope with their nicotine addiction and burden their lungs with less pollutants. The e cigarette appeared to be the perfect alternative.
In the past year, however, news from the USA caused a sensation in which a lung disease was reported, the origin of which was suspected to be the e-cigarette.
This disease had also caused deaths, so vapers from all over the world - including Germany - were right to ask: Is the e-cigarette perhaps more harmful than we thought?

Quit smoking with E-Cigarettes

Fortunately, independent research institutes were able to give a clear all-clear signal. The deaths from the USA were partly due to mixed THC liquids, which are already banned in this country.
However, it is scientifically proven that the vapor of an e-cigarette contains 95% less pollutants than the smoke of a conventional cigarette. In addition, it has proven itself millions of times as a tried and tested means of smoking cessation and is twice as effective as an exit aid compared to classic nicotine replacement therapies.
So compared to the tobacco cigarette, the e-cigarette is the lesser evil.

E-cigarettes with batteries or rechargeable via USB

The market offers the right model for the taste of every vaper. You can find all-in-one e-cigarettes in our Paperguru shop, which can be conveniently charged with a USB cable. The lithium-ion batteries permanently installed in the all-in-one devices have a long service life and low weight.
This is what makes the e-cigarette so handy and flexible to use.

Childproof All-in-one Vape Pens

JustFog's FOG1, for example, has a micro USB connection and its evaporator head is equipped with a child lock. The LYNDEN PLAY starter kit includes the USB cable and the VAPORESSO Sky Solo Plus has a particularly large tank volume. JustFog's MTL vaporizer, the P16A, is perfect for newcomers to the vaper scene - simple to use, handy for on the go!