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The cigarette paper in the format 1 ╝ ámedium size as an ideal in-between size

A medium sized cigarette paper is a paper that measures about 78 x 44 mm and therefore has a size in between a short paper and a King Size format. This size suits in many situations, for example for the sticky in between!

The 1 ╝ paper: Produced with different materials and in different levels of thickness!

Cigarette papers in the medium format are, like any other format, produced from many different materials and are available in different levels of thickness, too. Most producers tend to produce their papers in this format extra thin though, because this guarantees an authentic smoker┤s experience and they burn more slowly. The Smoking Deluxe paper in the 1 ╝ format, for example, has a very low grammage of 13 g/m2.

Natural papers in the medium size format: chlorine-free and partly unbleached!

Also in this format, most producers produce their papers in an environmentally friendly way. Smoking, for example, is well known for its healthy process of bleaching without the use of chlorine or any other aggressive additives. This is also true for the Smoking Deluxe and the Kukuxumusu papers in 1 ╝ Format. The sort Smoking Brown even uses unbleached paper which gives the papers a natural brown colouring. Also unbleached but also wood-free and produced with wind energy are the RAW Classic papers in the 1 ╝ format. For an environmentally friendly pleasure of smoking!

Flavoured papers in the 1 ╝ format: for the delicious sticky in-between!

In the 1 ╝ format, too, there exist a range of flavoured papers, so everybody can find his own favourites! The classic ones of Juicy Jay┤s are in the medium size format available in seven different flavours, ranging from fruity flavours like Blueberry Hill or White Grape to very sweet ones like Vanilla Ice and Sticky Candy. Newly in the assortment are the flavoured papers of the brand "Skunk". Here one can choose between six tasty flavours, such as menthol, strawberry and Hawaiian skunk.