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New products

Good news for all fans of Smoking! Paperguru offers some new products of the traditional brand: Smoking Red King Size + Tips integrated and Smoking Red Regular Papers!

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RAW and its popular products are famous for being eco-friendly and innovative at the same time! RAWs high-quality products are designed to please every customer's individual need.
The new RAW Artesano Classic King Size Slim combine all these advantages and more: one booklet contains 32 rolling papers, 32 filter tips and an amazingly convenient pop-out tray with a raw-invented paper-fold over trick for clean reclosing!

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Finding the right filter for your selfmade cigarettes is an individual affair! Paperguru offers a large range of filters and is steadily improving its high-quality selection for you! Besides popular brands auch as Gizeh and RAW, there are now two classic filter types from Smoking available:

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Rolling papers made from hemp are getting more and more popular! They are a good choice when it comes to an eco-friendly alternative besides from average papers. Luckily, both environment and customers are taking advantage from this! Pure Hemp is a rolling paper brand which has very high standards when it comes to a production of 100% tree-free papers without the use of chemicals or unnatural sources!

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Paperguru - from the beginning this name has stood for expertise in paper business and for a qualitative assortment of the finest smoking papers of the world. Our aim is to expand our product line to all common paper types as well as to exotic ones. Started in 2007 in Bremen in North Germany, we moved into new rooms in the capital of Germany - Berlin. On the Ebay-Platform we are a successfull seller.

We can get almost every paper type for you on the market. If you have special requests, please feel free to contact us. As a wholesaler, we can provide you with a quantity discount.